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The following questions will enable us to determine whether a potential foster animal would be a good fit for you and your family. Answer all questions completely.

I am interested in fostering :
Will you be able to foster an animal requiring:
Will you be able to:
Do you have a time limit on fostering a dog/cat?:
If yes, how long?:
Do you have experience with a dog/cat?:
Do you own or rent your home?:
Do you have an enclosed/secure yard?:
If you leave for vacation what will you do with the foster animal?:
How long will the animal be left alone?:
Where will the animal stay when no one is home?:
Where will the foster animal sleep?:
Are there children in the home?:
Number of children and ages:
Is there any type of animal you would not consider fostering?:
Please select all of the descriptions which are acceptable to you:

List all the pets you currently have and provide the following information for each: Age, Spay/Neuter status, Length of time owned, Vaccinations current (yes or no)

Pet 1:
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Pet 3:
Pet 4:
Have you previously fostered animals for any rescue group?:
If yes, which one(s)?:
1. Home visit/inspection is required prior to fostering any animal.
2. Any animals placed into a foster home will be examined by our veterinarian; if you cannot provide transportation Dusty Paws Rescue will provide transportation with advance notice.
3. All foster animals must wear ID tags and be kept secure, i.e. on leash when outside.
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