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Approx Age: 4 years
 Pit Bull Terrier
Male, neutered

Kuddi is a handsome, sweet Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier who loves to cuddle and play with toys. His owner had him over 3 years, since he was a puppy, but is no longer able to keep him. Kuddi is currently staying with friends who are trying to find him a home. Will it be yours? 

Kuddi is very affectionate, friendly and playful. There are many things he can do, especially if he knows a treat is involved - sit, speak, lie down, roll over, and shake paw. He loves to squeeze three of his rubber balls into his mouth at once and then try to keep you from grabbing them. He likes contact with all people, but is probably a best match for teens and adults. Kuddi gets along well with an older terrier mix who is the resident dog in his temporary home.  However, he does NOT do well with cats.

Kuddi is house trained and can be left alone for several hours, although he much prefers company. He is a big boy (around 75 lbs) and sometimes his size and enthusiasm can cause him to bump into things indoors. Outside, he requires a secure yard, as he has been known to find a weak link in the fence.

Note! Any inquiries about this companion animal will only be answered after completion of an on-line application. You will be contacted by a Dusty Paws Representative within 24 hours after receipt of your application.

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