Dear Friends and Supporters,

The Board at Dusty Paws Rescue has made the difficult decision to retire from animal rescue work and dissolve the group. Dusty Paws has been active since 2007. With the recent adoptions of our last two foster dogs we have found homes for 652 rescued dogs and 347 cats.

Dusty Paws frequently pulled from local and rural shelters animals who were running out of time or were considered unadoptable for reasons including shyness, senior age, and medical issues. Thanks to our generous donors and our veterinary partners at Companion Animal Hospital in Castro Valley and Ironhorse VetCare in Dublin we have been able to provide whatever quality medical care was needed.

There are many facets to animal rescue. Our volunteers have been tireless. Besides the Dusty Paws foster families who have done so much to give unlucky animals a second chance, we thank our fundraisers, our adoption events crews, our coordinators who facilitated the journey from shelters to loving homes, and those who have kept our websites updated.

Perhaps our deepest gratitude must go to those of you who have adopted the dogs and cats that have meant so much to us and given them the wonderful homes they deserved. We hope to keep in touch. We will be keeping the Dusty Paws Rescue email address because we love to receive your updates and photos. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you are looking to adopt another rescue dog or cat, we recommend these groups:
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These are just a few of our rescued animals in their forever homes: